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Geffen Visions International, Inc. (GVI) is a healthcare education, research, and consulting company, founded by Dr. Jeremy Geffen, a board-certified medical oncologist and noted pioneer in integrative medicine, oncology, and whole-person cancer care.  We offer a leading-edge, multidimensional approach to medicine, wellness, and life based on Dr. Geffen’s pioneering education and support program, The Seven Levels of Healing®

The Seven Levels of Healing® assists patients, loved ones and friends, and health professionals to skillfully and effectively integrate state-of-the-art conventional medicine with a wide array of complementary and mind-body modalities.  The Program is designed to honor and care for all dimensions of ourselves as human beings, and promotes healing and transformation at the deepest levels of the body, mind, heart, and spirit.

The Seven Levels of Healing is described in Dr. Geffen's highly-acclaimed book The Journey Through Cancer: Healing and Transforming the Whole Person. Since 2007, the Program has touched the lives of more 1,300 participants in multiple cancer centers in the US, and it is currently being offered at the University of Arizona Cancer Center, in Tucson, AZ.

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August 16 - Rhinebeck, NY

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The Journey Through Cancer describes a powerful approach to cancer treatment and recovery by a physician who is at the forefront of integrative medicine and oncology.

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July 2013: Dr. Jeremy Geffen joins Mission Health System as Medical Director of Cancer Services.
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More news about Dr. Jeremy Geffen and
The Seven Levels of Healing.
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