Geffen Visions International, Inc. (GVI) is a healthcare education, research, and consulting company specializing in integrative medicine and oncology, offering a leading-edge, multidimensional approach to medicine, wellness, and life.

Our Mission is to assist patients, loved ones, health professionals, and organizations to skillfully and effectively integrate state-of-the-art conventional medicine with a wide array of complementary and mind-body approaches that honor and care for all dimensions of ourselves as human beings, and promote healing at the deepest possible levels of the body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Our Vision is to expand the purpose and practice of medicine by integrating advances in science, medicine, psychology, healthcare, and organizational development with the great wisdom and healing traditions of the world, and to demonstrate how these integrated models can be elegantly and meaningfully expressed in modern medicine and life.

GVI's programs and services are based on Dr. Jeremy Geffen’s pioneering integrative oncology education an support program -- The Seven Levels of Healing® -- described in his highly-acclaimed book The Journey Through Cancer: Healing and Transforming the Whole Person. The Program is regarded as one of the most comprehensive, multidimensional approaches to medicine and healing available anywhere, and is now offered in multiple cancers centers in the US.  It is based on Dr. Geffen’s many years of experience as a medical oncologist, providing care and inspiration for thousands of patients and their loved ones, combined with his extensive background exploring the world's foremost spiritual and healing traditions.

Since 2007, the Program has touched the lives of more 1,300 participants in multiple cancer centers in the US, and it is currently being offered at the University of Arizona Cancer Center, in Tucson, AZ.

GVI is founded on the conviction that if medicine and healing -- and our lives and work as a whole -- are to be as full and complete as possible, we must understand ourselves as multidimensional beings and embrace every aspect of our nature as humans in clear, conscious, and inspiring ways.

For individuals, this is especially true in the face of a serious health challenge or personal crisis. For health profesionals and organizations, it is equally essential -- particularly in these times of great change and transition in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment. By honoring and embracing every dimension of who we all are, every aspect of life is enhanced, including our work and service to others and the world as a whole.

GVI works with individuals, professionals, and organizations throughout the United States and abroad. We offer training and support for implementation of The Seven Levels of Healing® in hospitals and cancer centers, as well as a variety of lectures, seminars, retreats, books, DVDs, audio programs, and other educational materials.  Dr. Geffen also provides personal, individualized consultations for patients and families dealing with cancer who are seeking a whole-person, integrative approach to care, guided by a board-certified medical oncologist who has deeply explored a wide array of complementary and mind-body approaches to healing, and who is a respected leader in the field of integrative medicine and oncology.

We look forward to working with you!


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