These testimonials are from audience members who were present at Dr. Geffen's Seven Levels of Healing keynote talk in July 2006, at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, where this DVD was filmed.


“The blend of humor and seriousness is the gift you bring to your audience.  To sit in your presence as you deliver your message is to sit in light and hope. I thank you as I walk through my second journey of Breast Cancer—a victor I will be!

              - Judy Duncan, Port Townsend, WA

“Wonderful!  Empowering!  Your words are so ingrained in your own soul that they flow directly to ours.  Thank you!”

              - Carol Lundin, Portland, OR

“Thank you so much, Dr. Geffen.  It was so amazing to me to hear a doctor speak about metaphysical issues such as meditation and vegetarianism.  I am so impressed.  As a psychotherapist, I use these modalities—I will purchase your book because the levels are so clearly stated.

              - Chenyce Gutzmer, LCSW, Santa Cruz, CA

“I have never heard a physician talk like this.  It was phenomenal!”

              - Michele Floogle, Seattle, WA

“Dr. Geffen thank you so very, very much. You touched the very core of this cancer journey for and have given me a different perspective and insight into this journey.  I have not given much thought to the inner realm because I am stuck in anger and fear.  I think your words will help me to become unstuck from this fearful realm.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

              - Karen Flores, Everett, WA

“I only wish every oncologist shared the same philosophy!  As a survivor of cancer, I totally support his method of treating the whole patient.  Thank you!”

              - Janet Jelley, Everett, WA

“It was so refreshing to hear and see someone who has a heart as big as yours.  I believe God has had his hand on your life since you were a little boy.  Please keep up the good work.  I really enjoyed you.  I truly felt the love from you to me.”

              - Sheila Wilis, Tacoma, WA

“Thank you for giving your heart and mind this morning.  Thanks you for moving between doing and being.  Thank you for your love and wisdom.  Thank you!  Grazie mille!  Tak!  Merci beaucoup!  Dankesheon!  Bles!  Namaste.”

              - Kari Boeskov, Seattle, WA

“Right on!  Dr. Geffen spoke of the things I have experienced as true.  He gave me lots to think about and ways to express what I have felt and not always had words for.  Thank you!”

              - Carol Ouellette, Lynden, WA

“Thank you for addressing all the dimensions of this extraordinary journey we call “Life.”  Your personal demeanor adds to the elegance of your message.  Thank you.  Thank you for honoring the roll of teacher as a doctor’s most profound contribution!”

              - Mags Quilici, Seattle, WA

“Thank you so much for your talk.  As a nurse and with personal experience with people who have had cancer and also from my own personal journey, I relate to your view of healing the total person on all levels.  Our culture and the way we treat disease, leave out so much tat is so essential for healing.  Healing is so much more than mere survival.  Your presentation is validation for how I want to practice as a nurse and also to be as a functioning human being in service to life.”

             - Martha Skiff RN, Eugene, OR

“Dr. Geffen is an excellent and inspirational speaker.  His ability to articulate feelings and experiences I’ve had while going through treatments (and after diagnosis) for ovarian cancer were more accurate, heartfelt, and helpful than any other health care provider I have encountered.  He truly embodies both love and wisdom!!  He really ‘gets it’!”

             - Patrice Goplerud, Seattle, WA

“Dr. Geffen reaches into the deepest recesses of the soul to inspire healing and courage as one travels the journey of life.”

             - Gary Ford, Auburn, WA

“Thank you for your inspiring talk.  I am both a health care provider and living with cancer.  I realize that my spirit and soul have been neglected!  I now know that must change for my spirit and body to heal.”

             - Connie Hansen, CNM  PhD, Lakewood, WA

“Dr. Geffen’s passion is clearly felt throughout his presentation.  As a 4-time breast cancer survivor, I felt like he was speaking directly to me, that he genuinely cared about me and my health as a total person.  He gave me dignity.  I wish I had an oncologist that embraced me as a patient in the same way.  I look forward to reading your book!”

              - Linda Filippi, Bothell, WA

“The speaker, Dr. Geffen, not only spoke clearly, but exemplified his message by demeanor and attitude.  It was truly an integrative presentation.  It was very human, humane, and spiritual.”

              - Greg Speltz, Seattle, WA

“You gave me hope for healing with cancer and that I might find peace.  I have been confused and lost, wondering if I am doing enough to help my self.  This gives me a place to start and more clarity on what I can do.  Thank you.”

              - Diance Uchara, Everett, WA

“If I go home with nothing else, Dr. Geffen has given us hope that we can endure this journey we have started.  Thank you for your inspirational message of hope and compassion!!”

              - Bunny Lefare, Bremerton, WA

“The beauty and power of your message gets greater each time I see you.  Thank you for leading our profession where we must go to become of true service to life.”

              - John Rieke, MD, Mercer Island, WA

“It is rare to have a man know how to speak equally from his heart and his mind.

It is even more rare for a man tot speak with mind and heart as one.

And more rare still, is it when this man is an oncologist physician.  We are most blessed with his being on the planet at this time.”

              - Sandy Sela-Smith PhD, Clearwater, FL

“What a breathtaking and life-giving presentation!”

              - Lisa Geiger, Edmonds, WA

“Thank you for a very inspirational talk.  I wish you could be cloned so that everyone who wished to could have you for their doctor and mentor.”

              - Beth Lorber-Bonyon, Port Townsend, WA

“What a blessing!  So practical and ‘can do’.  Empowering!  I’ll share this with so many people –and will definitely use it in my therapy practice.  Thank you for your heart of compassion and the willingness to be a pioneer in the blossoming garden of integrative medicine.  Namaste.”

              - Melissa Layer, Port Townsend, WA

“Thank you!  I wondered who the bridge-builders would be between allopathy and spirit.  Now I know.”

              - Sue, Seattle, WA

“I knew I was missing an important part of my healing – the spiritual.  Your presentation has given me that boost to pursue that side of me to help in my recovery and overall view of life.”

              - Doug, Seattle, WA




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