"What does it take for a human being to heal and transform at the deepest levels of their being -- especially in the face of illness and other life challenges? How can we honor and care for every dimension of ourselves -- body, mind, heart, and spirit -- in ways that create deep and longlasting transformation? And how can these goals be accomplished in the context of modern medicine and modern life?

Jeremy Geffen, MD has spent his entire career finding empowering answers to these questions. In caring for thousands of patients and their loved ones, he discovered an important pattern. Regardless of the particular illness or challenge they were facing, people who were seeking an experience of deep healing of the whole person always encountered seven distinct but interrelated areas of inquiry or exploration -- The Seven Levels of Healing.

Recognizing the universal appeal and applicability of the seven levels, Dr. Geffen began sharing them with his patients, colleagues, and staff -- and received remarkable feedback. People who were feeling confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed by their illness or challenge gained an entirely new level of clarity and understanding about the issues they were facing. They also developed an expanded sense of confidence, inner strength, and purpose that allowed them to move forward in the most empowering and effective way. And even when patients did not survive, they were able to renew themselves and find a new sense of peace and happiness that enabled them to finish their lives with no regrets.

Experience deep, lasting healing using a simple, step-by-step process

The Seven Levels of Healing offers clear guidance on how to navigate with skill and insight through any illness of life challenge. Whether facing diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, or cancer; whether dealing with divorce, the loss of a loved one, psychological issues, or an illness of a child; or any challenge in life; the seven levels provide a simple, step-by-step process to transform the journey at every step along the way.

This program has been designed to assist people form all walks of life to honor and care for every dimension of themselves -- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually -- in the most effective, empowering ways possible. With the seven levels as your guide, you will gain complete confidence and certainty that every dimension of your being is moving toward deeper and more fulfilling levels of healing and transformation.

Experience the medicine of the future - today!

When you go to a doctor about a health concern, that doctor will usually prescribe a drug. A chiropractor or massage therapist will adjust your spine or massage your muscles. An acupuncturist will offer acupuncture. An herbalist will prescribe herbs and vitamins. A psychologist will work with your mind and emotions.

Each specialist sees health and illness through the filter and context they've been trained in. While there's nothing wrong with this approach, many individuals have discovered how limited and unsatisfying it can be.

Typically, each method of treatment is limited to only one or two levels of healing. What we want and need is a model of medicine that address every dimension of your being -- and The Seven Levels of Healing provides exactly that. With this program, we all have an extraordinary opportunity to understand and embrace complete wholeness and healing in every part of ourselves."


"A physician reveals the 7 levels of healing and transforming the whole person..."

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