Today, more than ever before, patients and families—as well as doctors and caregivers—are seeking an approach to medicine and healing that is more holistic, compassionate, and sensitive to the needs and concerns of the whole person. This is particularly true for those facing a diagnosis of cancer. The Seven Levels of Healing is a ground-breaking integrative program created by Jeremy R. Geffen, MD which shows how we can meaningfully care for all dimensions of ourselves and our loved ones, within the context of modern medicine and modern life.

In this moving keynote presentation, given at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, on July 8, 2006, Dr. Geffen describes The Seven Levels of Healing, and demonstrates how they provide a deep and inspiring model for celebrating life and spirit on the journey through cancer—while offering meaning, hope, and practical solutions at every step along the way.


"Jeremy Geffen is the ideal physician – compassionate and wise. Grounded in Western oncology and Eastern spirituality, Jeremy offers a path to wholeness that heals body, mind and soul."

                — David Simon, MD

          Director, Chopra Center

                          Carlsbad, CA



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