Excerpted Reader Reviews of The Journey Through Cancer

The Journey Through Cancer is an absolute MUST READ for everyone, with lessons not only for those who have experienced the devastating effects of cancer, but for anyone who wishes to become more compassionate and understanding. I have recently experienced a tremendous loss in my family due to cancer, and Dr. Geffen's book seemed to be with me every step of the way—echoing my feelings, thoughts and the rollercoaster ride of emotions. The Journey Through Cancer is a book that could only be written by an exceptionally compassionate individual who has experienced the ravages of cancer, who evaluates his life through his contributions to mankind, and who has a tremendous amount of professional knowledge. Just as cancer will change one's life and mindset, so too will Dr. Geffen's wonderfully supportive and insightful labor of love, The Journey Through Cancer. Do yourself a favor that will change the way you think and act forever: read The Journey Through Cancer. Thank you Dr. Geffen.”

            - B.H., Raleigh, NC


“Dr. Geffen writes in the clearest terms about the complexities of cancer. He celebrates the self and family transformation that awaits a person with cancer and his/her family. He does so by writing about his patients in a loving, accepting, and non-judgmental way. His book is about the journey though cancer, but it's really about the journey through life. Geffen understands this journey from Eastern and Western perspectives. He generously makes his holistic approach accessible to the reader, explaining but never preaching. His book invites readers of any age or background. His book opens up conversation between the cancer patient and the family. Geffen is living and breathing his dream. The man is on a mission. He is opening doors that may not be known to his patients and families. He makes these avenues available without rejecting or judging the medical establishment, but embracing it, challenging it, prodding it. His blended approach to healing and living presents a sound strategy, so obvious, yet so enlightened. Read Geffen and pass your copy along to the next person or your doctor. It's time a message like his really sticks.”

            - J. C. Theriot, Chicago, IL


“I've recommended The Journey Through Cancer to many, many friends, whether they have cancer or not. Why? This is a beautiful book about living, not about dying. It is filled with useful information and inspiring stories, and teaches us how to truly LIVE, pointing always to what is most important. It is also beautifully written, and captures the essence of Dr. Geffen's enormous heart. It is fabulous! Don't miss it!”

            - Jean Messex, Vero Beach, FL


"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March, 2002 at the age of 34. The weeks after my diagnosis were filled with a deep, hollow sense of foreboding about what I believed to be my impending death. Needless to say, I immediately began reading everything I could find about breast cancer; all of which gave me factual information about this disease, which I found helpful, but not overly comforting to my strong feelings of extreme loss and uncertainty. My initial cancer diagnosis took some very precious gifts from me and I found at the turn of each page in The Journey Through Cancer, those gifts being returned: the gift of optimism about my medical treatments. The gift of a concentrated focus in the fight for my life. The gift of exploration into complementary approaches to be used in conjunction with western science. The gift of an inner quietness that I hadn't had before which helped immensely during the low points of treatment, and finally and most importantly, the glorious gift of hope. Dr. Geffen, you are a healer and caring steward for all humankind—thank you for sharing your fundamental principles, philosophy, and beliefs so eloquently in the form of your book, not just for people with cancer, but for all the world."

            - Susan Okeson, Anchorage, AK


“When I was a happy and healthy 39 year old, I abruptly became the first cancer patient I'd known, with a stage III colorectal cancer. Once diagnosed, I put together the best medical team I could. Then I found myself with many equally crucial needs for help as I entered the strange and uniquely personal terrain of my cancer experiences. How will I get through this? What does this cancer mean for my life? The Journey Through Cancer provided excellent questions, stories, and tools that helped strengthen and enrich my ability to navigate through cancer. I found The Journey Through Cancer at the library, and it was the sole book I found that understood that cancer patients need more than prescriptions for treatment, diet, and attitude. The Journey Through Cancer coaches readers through a process of discovering their own best responses to the unique impacts of cancer on our lives. For cancer patients and their loved ones, this is a must-read book.”

            - Philip Klein, Seattle, WA


“Dr. Geffen's powerful book was like magic sprinkled onto our family as we began to face my father's diagnosis of a rare and fatal form of cancer. The author's unique approach to the whole person—physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually—helped us to make decisions about treatment, conventional and complementary as well as to better understand the complex range of emotions we were all feeling. The Journey Through Cancer is beautifully written and easily read with anecdotal and personal stories. I devoured it in two days! It outlines The Seven Levels of Healing that will give you the courage to embrace the present and prepare for the future. Cancer does not just happen to the patient, it happens to everyone who loves the patient. I heartily recommend this book to anyone facing cancer and to all those who face it with them. It would make a great gift for cancer patients, their families, care givers, ministers and physicians. Dr. Geffen is dynamic -- I expect to see him on the talk show circuit soon.”

            -Penni Leonard, Philadelphia, PA


“I read this book after meeting Dr. Geffen, who treated my mother. The book illustrates how thoroughly he gets to know the patient and family, being sure to treat all of them in some way. He is a catalyst for many deep family talks, which never might have happened without his gentle facilitating. I have recommended this book to cancer patients and my own family. He is a master of oncology and humanity.”

            - J. McKeown, NH


“Dr. Jeremy Geffen has written an informative, insightful and deeply compassionate book, which should be read by anyone with cancer. Geffen leads the reader through his Seven Levels of Healing, ranging from the learning & education, through physical treatment and finally to a healing of the spirit. The Journey Through Cancer is written from the perspective of one of the nation's top oncologists, who writes directly from the heart as well as the mind. Altogether an extremely valuable book!”

            - John Bennett, Aspen, CO


“Dr. Geffen's book, The Journey Through Cancer, was a revelation to me, because it showed me how MY participation in the healing process was vital to the outcome of the cancerous condition that had arisen in my body. Good as the doctors and nurses were, I soon discovered that they were most willing to treat my symptoms, that is the outer reality, but there was no inclination whatsoever to address the inner reality, that is the spiritual and emotional aspects of the patient. Dr. Geffen explains the basics of the disease and the treatments in very clear terms, so that we are aware of the various processes. These explanations were very helpful to me when asking questions of the doctors and nurses. In order to heal, our goal should be to replace fear with love, and Dr. Geffen illustrates this in a singularly illuminating way. One of Dr. Geffen's most compelling concepts is that of transformation: we are not at war, we are not trying to kill or destroy anything, our wish is to bring harmony throughout our bodies. The Journey Through Cancer is a masterpiece of a rare order: it is imbued with knowledge, kindness, understanding, and above all it shows that the path of healing, and eventually of being, is through consciousness.”

            - A. Giosafari, Far Hills, NJ


“I have been a person with cancer since June 1998. I am one who wants answers to questions about my health all the time. The Journey Through Cancer is definitely a journey through life, as Dr. Geffen states. His "game plan" enables a person with cancer to deal with cancer with less anxiety and makes us more in touch with reality. How I wish there were more Dr. Geffens in this world, whose compassionate nature and open-minded understanding about various treatments make it easier for a patient to relate with their physician. I highly recommend this book to any person with cancer and their families. For truly understanding what we go through physically, emotionally, and spiritually makes the steps through healing easier and less stressful. It will also bring about a more loving and compassionate relationship between the patient and the members of the family. Knowing about cancer isn't enough. How we accept and deal with it contributes far more to healing than all medical practices combined. Thank you Dr. Geffen.”

            - Lina Moran, Makati, Philippines


“I found the book to be extremely insightful and instrumental in understanding what my mother was facing and what I could expect. I have met Dr. Geffen in person and would encourage anyone evaluating their options as they relate to cancer to take the time to meet with Dr. Geffen. You will be amazed at his compassion and his staff.”

            - Denise DeSantis, Pacific Palisades, CA


“Dr. Geffen has a remarkable, profound ability to take you on a journey to your own healing, whether you have cancer or not. In a personal memoir in the book's introduction, he describes his father's illness from cancer and the life-changing effect it had on his life. We can be grateful for a physician like this: one who embraces all aspects of cancer and healing, and who reveals the physical, the mental, and the spiritual paths we must follow to our own wholeness. His Seven Levels of Healing are indeed gateways for all of us. I recommend this book highly. The Journey Through Cancer is written by a physician who is humble, caring, and noble in his work.”

            - Colleen Pyke, Ashland, OR


"Back in 1997, my best friend died of brain cancer (at age 52) and my mother died of lung cancer the following year (at age 71). Oh, how I wish I could have had Dr. Jeremy Geffen's book during that terrible time! I am so glad to have found it now. Reading The Journey Through Cancer was like a deep breath of fresh air. In fact, it was literally a joy, because, at the turn of every page, I felt that this extraordinary oncologist recognized and truly understood my experience -- and that of all of us who are touched by cancer. I, my friend, my mother, and my whole family had experienced exactly what he described. If we could have had this book it would have been like having a wise, compassionate, and very skillful guide in a foreign country, or like having a map and clear, life-saving directions when you feel lost in the middle of nowhere. Loving a cancer patient can be almost as challenging as having cancer yourself, and The Journey Through Cancer speaks to all of us. This book is by far the best resource available on the subject. It has an unbelievably comprehensive, easy-to-understand overview of the most common cancers, their diagnosis, and treatment as well as an amazing list of resources for further information and support. Dr. Geffen de-mystifies the technical issues and helps you know what questions to ask and how to best help yourself with nutrition, yoga, meditation, and a host of other helpful modalities. He helps you get the most out of support from family and friends, and shows how to use complementary and alternative therapies safely and effectively. Dr. Geffen also lists extensive scientific studies backing up his vast knowledge of this disease and state-of-the-art treatments. But even more important, Dr. Geffen has the most reassuring, gentle, and comforting tone as he helps you explore all the dimensions of this enormous challenge. Dr. Geffen's true stories about patients and their families, combined with his heartfelt advice about the mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of healing, make the whole experience more comprehensible, much less frightening, and, at moments, even deeply inspiring. I have given The Journey Through Cancer to numerous friends with cancer and they all said it was an incredible gift. If you or anyone you know has cancer, buy this book. It will make your journey far easier and inspire you to live fully and treasure the precious gifts of life and love."

            - Peggy Wrenn, Boulder, CO


“Finally, a book on cancer written by an obviously skilled, knowledgeable, and practicing medical oncologist, from the perspective of the BIG picture! It is truly a breakthrough to find such an inspired and revolutionary book on this important subject. Dr. Geffen has managed to embrace virtually all aspects of this immensely challenging journey from a perspective of both medical skill and heartfelt wisdom. Furthermore, his insights and guidance are absolutely reliable and responsible. Dr. Geffen does not offer any overnight "miracle cures," the promise of which is not only irresponsible but potentially harmful. Rather, he masterfully illustrates the spectrum of opportunities that we all have to participate in our own healing. The all-encompassing and embracing overview of the value of virtually every leading-edge approach to healing and transformation, presented in such a clear, readable, and easy-to-understand style, makes this book uniquely compelling and powerful. This disease will touch virtually all of us in one way or another and this book has not arrived one second too soon! Thank you, Dr. Geffen, for this amazing gift!”

            - Gail Melnick, Sebastian, Fl


“As a clinical social worker and psychotherapist at a large university hospital, I have found this book to be an extremely powerful healing tool for several clients who are in cancer treatment. In fact, the insights and information Dr. Geffen provides can be hugely beneficial not only to people dealing with cancer or another serious illness, but to anyone looking for a compassionate and effective approach to life's challenges. Professionally and personally, I agree completely with the endorsement on the cover from Joan Borysenko, PhD: ‘This is the best book ever written for people with cancer and those who love them.’"

            - A Reader


“I have a huge drawer full of books, pamphlets, and articles about cancer that numerous people have given me or that I've bought on my own since I started dealing with metastatic breast cancer over two years ago. After reading The Journey Through Cancer, I could take them all and replace them with just this one book! It covers the entire spectrum of what everyone needs to know about the journey, and is written in a friendly, concise, and absolutely clear language that anyone can understand. Most importantly, it shows how much more there is to treating a person with cancer than just sitting in a chemo room with an IV in your arm. I recommend The Journey Through Cancer enthusiastically, and have already bought multiple copies for my family and friends. It is a truly incredible book that EVERYONE should read.”

            - A Reader


“A must read for any one with cancer and especially for the family and friends of a cancer patient. Easy to read, it translates complicated medical jargon into layman's terms for a clearer understanding of this sometimes complex subject. Suggestion: give this book to your health care provider to read as well.”

            - A Reader


“This is the perfect book for anyone with cancer or who has a family member or friend with cancer. It unveils many of the mysteries of cancer and helps the reader understand not only the facts about cancer but also the treatments. The author is truly a doctor with a soul and a heart. He helps remove much of the fear about cancer. The book also contains more references, websites and articles than any book I have ever seen.”

            - A Reader


“Cancer can be such a harrowing experience! Addressing the deeper underlying issues -- especially the emotional and spiritual levels of the disease -- is a realm that most physicians choose not to explore. Dr. Geffen's technical brilliance as an oncologist is obvious. What is truly extraordinary is his incredible patience and compassion for not only the individual(s) with cancer but the families and friends who are also impacted by this disease. The Journey Through Cancer is the perfect description of the process of coping with cancer and Dr. Geffen is the perfect guide. Anyone with cancer -- or anyone who knows someone with cancer -- will benefit greatly by reading this book and sharing it with others.”

            - A Reader


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