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June 19, 2012            
Dear Friends and Colleagues, 


I'm delighted to announce that the 100th Seven Levels of Healing Program has now been completed.The Seven Levels of Healing is an education and support program for cancer patients, their loved ones and friends, and health professionals, designed to assist patients and families to skillfully and effectively navigate all aspects of the cancer journey. The Program is offered in weekly afternoon or evening group sessions over seven weeks, and one of the seven levels is addressed each week.

Over the past five years, the Program has been offered in multiple cancer centers in the US, including nine centers in the Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Network in Colorado; the Kansas City Cancer Center in Kansas City, MO; and at the University of Arizona Cancer Center in Tucson, AZ. This has been made possible by the hard work, dedication, and leadership of a number of physicians and staff at each of these institutions, to whom I am very grateful.

More than 1,100 individuals have participated in the Program and have offered truly outstanding feedback on their experiences, in thousands of written comments and numeric feedback scores. It is incredibly inspiring to see and hear the profound impact the Program is making in the lives of people who are facing the extraordinary challenges of cancer.

Cancer touches every dimension of a human being — not just the physical body. Therefore, truly comprehensive cancer care must address every dimension of who we are as human beings, with equal skill and integrity. Participants report that The Seven Levels of Healing is so powerful and effective because it, indeed, coherently addresses all aspects of the healing journey: from the essentials of conventional medical care; to the importance of psycho-social support and connection with others; to the roles of diet, nutrition, exercise, and complementary and alternative therapies in cancer care; to the profoundly important mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of healing. And it demonstrates how all these dimensions of healing can be elegantly addressed within the context of mainstream, modern medicine.

The consistent and enthusiastic response to The Seven Levels of Healing — from participants, as well as the healthcare professionals who lead the Program — is, I believe, a reflection of the longing for a truly integrative, multidimensional approach to cancer care.

It is extremely exciting to reach this milestone in the history of The Seven Levels of Healing. Thank you for your support for this work, and for the vision of whole-person cancer care.

With gratitude and respect,
Jeremy Geffen, MD
Geffen Visions International
PS:  Many of you have, by now, heard that last fall I went through my own journey through cancer, including surgery for a soft tissue sarcoma followed by radiation, which was completed in late March 2012. I'm happy to report that I'm continuing to make great progress in healing from this life changing experience. Needless to say, after twenty years as an oncologist, going through the cancer experience myself — as a patient — has profoundly deepened my understanding of the cancer journey and my appreciation for what needs to be present for people to feel supported and to heal at the deepest levels.
"Thank you for sharing your vision of care for humans ...
for the whole person and for both patients and health care professionals.  It is a great gift."
 - Jan Locker, Social Work Specialist,            
Univ. of Iowa Healthcare, Iowa City, IA            

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Jeremy Geffen
Seven Levels
The Seven Levels of Healing
is a powerful guide for skillfully
and effectively navigating
the journey through cancer.

The Journey Through Cancer
"This is the single best book ever written for those with cancer and the people who love them."
- Joan Borysenko, PhD,
author of
Minding the Body,
Mending the Mind

Jeremy Geffen  
Jeremy Geffen, MD, FACP is a board-certified medical oncologist, a pioneer in integrative medicine and oncology, and founder of Geffen Visions International. He is author of highly acclaimed book, The Journey Through Cancer: Healing and Transforming the Whole Person and creator of the integrative medicine program, The Seven Levels of Healing®.  Dr. Geffen has also travelled extensively and has more than 30 years of experience exploring the great spiritual and healing traditions of the world.
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