April 27, 2009

The Seven Levels of Healing® Program

Debuts at Kansas City Cancer Center


KANSAS CITY – Kansas City Cancer Center (KCCC) has announced the introduction of The Seven Levels of Healing®. This complementary care program makes its debut locally, and is receiving rave reviews from cancer patients, survivors, their families and friends.

An individual’s experience with cancer is a journey. Much the same way an uneven stack of stones creates a cairn as a navigational marker across rough, rocky terrain, a person’s cancer journey takes them through an equally rocky path to the unknown. The Seven Levels of Healing serves as that cairn, guiding patients to greater wholeness and healing, and providing direction and hope at every step along the way.

The Seven Levels of Healing is a comprehensive education and support program designed to assist cancer patients, family members, friends, and health professionals in navigating all aspects of the cancer journey as skillfully and effectively as possible. It was created by Jeremy Geffen, MD, FACP, a board-certified medical oncologist and noted pioneer in integrative medicine and oncology. Dr. Geffen is the founder of Geffen Visions International and author of the highly-acclaimed book, The Journey Through Cancer: Healing and Transforming the Whole Person, which describes The Seven Levels of Healing in detail.

Believing the program was a good fit with KCCC’s mission, oncologist Robert Pluenneke, MD of KCCC-North championed the addition of this complementary service.

According to KCCC Seven Levels of Healing Facilitator Betsy Bennett, recent classes have proven valuable for individuals for many different reasons. “Everyone enrolls in the class for a different reason and leaves having achieved different goals,” says Bennett. “For some, it’s peace during the cancer journey. For others, it’s relief from the difficult journey they just experienced.”

According to Dr. Geffen, The Seven Levels of Healing program is designed for anyone touched by cancer. It is based on the belief that it’s important to treat the whole person -- not just the disease -- and that for healing to be complete, all of our dimensions as human beings must be addressed in meaningful and effective ways.

Many patients and families want to combine the very best conventional medical treatments for cancer with an expanding array of complementary approaches to healing. The Program helps them do this in a very clear, safe, and reliable way, while also addressing the important mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of healing.

The Seven Levels of Healing program coherently addresses seven distinct areas of inquiry and exploration that are essential for awareness, healing, and transformation to occur at the deepest levels. The levels include: Education and Information, Connection with Others, The Body as Garden, Emotional Healing, The Nature of Mind, Life Assessment and The Nature of Spirit.

Bennett says the concepts discussed in The Seven Levels of Healing program can be applied in life, in general, whether it’s cancer, or another personal struggle. “This applies to living, not just dealing with cancer,” she says. “No matter where you are in your life’s journey, these are great lessons.”

The Seven Levels of Healing program begins with a two-hour Introductory Session, and then runs once a week for two hours over the course of seven weeks. The Program is open to KCCC patients and non-patients, as well as friends and family members of a patient at no charge.

Bennett says patients who are interested in enrolling in the Program, can learn more by calling her at 816-584-4832 or by email at

About Kansas City Cancer Center
Kansas City Cancer Center is a full service cancer healthcare practice, with 10 offices throughout the region. KCCC provides a wide range of patient support, including oncology treatment, diagnostic imaging, genetic risk evaluation and testing, access to clinical trials and survivorship wellness services. Its patient-driven mission is to equip individuals and their families with everything they need to battle the disease, manage their care and navigate the insurance issues of a cancer diagnosis – all from a close-to-home environment. To learn more about KCCC, visit KCCC is a member of the US Oncology network, which supports the nation’s foremost cancer treatment and research network through evidence-based medicine and shared best practices.

About Geffen Visions International
Geffen Visions International, Inc. (GVI) is a healthcare education, research, and consulting company dedicated to creating leading-edge, multidimensional approaches to medicine, wellness, and life. Founded by Jeremy Geffen, MD, FACP, it assists patients, loved ones, health professionals, and organizations to skillfully and effectively integrate state-of-the-art conventional medicine with a wide array of complementary and mind-body approaches to health and healing. GVI’s leading-edge Seven Levels of Healing program honors and cares for all dimensions of human beings, and promotes healing at the deepest levels of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. GVI is based in Boulder, CO. For more information, visit


Pam Crawford , Kansas City Cancer Center: 913-541-4649


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