Personal Consulting with Individuals and Families

Dr. Geffen offers personal, confidential consulting services for individuals and their families, in person or by telephone. Based on his years of experience as a practicing medical oncologist, he is an effective and inspiring coach and guide for those seeking a leading-edge, whole-person approach to their healing journey. His consulting is primarily, but not exclusively, oriented to working with people with cancer.

Dr Geffen guides individuals and family members through his comprehensive Seven Levels of Healing program. The program addresses every dimension of who we all are as human beings -- body, mind, heart, and spirit -- with precision, clarity, and depth. Dr. Geffen's personal consulting may also include reviewing medical records, consulting with other physicians, and assisting with referrals to other professionals, if appropriate and desired.

Dr. Geffen confines his consulting services to a limited number of clients at a time, to ensure that each can receive the full benefits of his attention and expertise.

To inquire about Dr. Geffen's fees and availability, please Contact Us.

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