Professional Consulting with Hospitals and Medical Organizations

Dr. Geffen is available to consult with hospitals, cancer centers, medical practices, and other organizations interested in developing or enriching their own integrative medicine programs. Between 1993-2004 Dr. Geffen created, developed, and directed the acclaimed Geffen Cancer Center and Research Institute in Vero Beach, Florida -- one of the first cancer centers in the United States explicitly designed to provide a working model of truly holistic, comprehensive cancer care for the 21st century. During this time the Center provided leading-edge integrative care to thousands of patients and their loved ones.

In addition to its reputation for providing meticulous, state-of-the-art conventional treatments for cancer, in conjunction with its pioneering Seven Levels of Healing integrative medicine program, the Center was also renowned for its unique organizational structure and innovative, team-oriented, staff development programs.

Dr. Geffen brings all of this experience to his consulting with professionals and their organizations. He is deeply committed and inspired to help others clarify and find the fullest expression of their purpose, mission, and vision as healers.

A 2004 paper by Dr. Geffen, entitled Creating optimal healing environments for patients with cancer and their families: Insights, challenges and lessons learned from a decade of experience, is directed to medical professionals. It provides a meaningful summary of his leadership and experience in integrative medicine and oncology, and his expertise in organizational development.

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