Seminars and Retreats

Dr. Geffen offers a variety of seminars and retreats ranging from evening, half-day, or day-long programs, to weekend or week-long retreats. In these events, he presents The Seven Levels of Healing program, and guides participants in a direct experience of the relevance and potential impact of its universal principles in their lives. The program can be tailored and customized for those with cancer and their loved ones, or for any other audience.

Participants have the opportunity to explore their deepest questions and concerns and to consciously embrace all levels of their being. A safe, sacred space is created for exploration and personal sharing. Practical considerations are also addressed, as well as the diverse mental, emotional, and spiritual issues encountered on the healing journey. Participants discover a renewed sense of clarity, inspiration, and confidence about how and where to direct their efforts and attention on their own healing processes.

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