Level 1: Education and Information

When a person receives a diagnosis of cancer, many questions arise that require a great deal of attention. What kind of cancer do I have? How did I get it? What treatments are available? What are the side effects? Can I be cured?

The importance and significance of finding accurate, and comprehensible, answers to these questions cannot be overstated. Oftentimes, a lack of real understanding about the nature of their disease or treatment options leads to profound and unnecessary pain, fear and suffering for many people with cancer. Furthermore, modern cancer treatments are highly varied and often complex, and require a great deal of understanding and cooperation in order to be optimally carried out. But there is an additional reason why it is crucial for each individual to find answers to these questions.

Until satisfactory answers are received for all of the important questions posed by patients and their family members, it is impossible for them to relax enough to allow the healing process to occur at the deepest levels. Until the mind is comforted and reassured, stress and anxiety will be present in a way that may interfere with the treatment process.

Therefore, the very first level of The Seven Levels of Healing program is dedicated to a process of "Education and Information."

The Seven Levels of Healing is dedicated to providing the essential health information our clients need, based on the latest research data, presented in straightforward terms and tailored to the requirements of each individual. Our belief in the supreme importance and ongoing benefits of education has convinced us that considerable time and attention should be devoted to this process at the very beginning of the healing journey we take with each of our clients.

As your understanding of what is happening in and around you grows, so grows your own ability to achieve the results you desire.

"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood."
             -Madame Curie


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