Level 3: The Body as Garden

When the scientific revolution began over three hundred years ago in Europe, our universe was viewed as a huge, cosmic machine governed by complex but definable laws and principles. In the eyes of early scientists, their function was to identify and manipulate those laws to serve the ends of humankind. Today, the notion of the universe -- and by extension the human body -- as a machine is still fundamental to Western scientific thought. It is the basis of all modern medicine's spectacular triumphs ... as well as its limitations.

In Asia and the Orient, a different model prevails. Doctors there are unlikely to think of themselves as "mechanics," as their Western colleagues do; disease is not a condition that springs from a random fault in the human machinery. In the East the body is seen as a garden, and doctors are seen as gardeners. They seek to discover and heal the roots of disease, planted in the past by a patient's heredity, food choices, daily activities and ongoing mental processes. In this system, restoring health and inner balance is not something a doctor does to you, but something you can help cultivate for yourself. By planting, tilling, and nurturing the garden of your being, you create an environment in which deeper levels of health, joy, and wellness can blossom.

Out of this concept springs the third level of The Seven Levels of Healing program: "The Body As Garden."

Here we explore the full spectrum of complementary approaches to healing: nutrition; exercise; massage; yoga; herbal therapies; Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Chinese medicine; acupuncture; homeopathy: chiropractic; and visualization. We do not offer or promote these approaches as cancer treatments per se, and we do not believe that they should be viewed in this manner. However, we do believe that they can supplement conventional care by cleansing, toning, relaxing, and strengthening the body, thus giving health and well-being the greatest chance to emerge. For many patients and their family members, this level of the Program provides an opportunity to explore the pleasures of the physical world in new and surprisingly powerful ways. Massage, deep relaxation and healthy foods alone are not cures for cancer, but as demonstrations of love and regard for the garden of the self they can substantially assist in the healing process.

"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well."


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