Level 5: The Nature of Mind

At this time in history there is a growing awareness that the mind does, indeed, have an important effect on the body. We have all heard a variant of Shakespeare's famous quote "There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so." We also know from personal experience that the internal dialogue which runs unceasingly through our minds shapes and colors our experience of everyday life, and every decision we make along the way. Perhaps not so clear is the connection between our thoughts and our biological processes. But as medical research is beginning to clearly show, thoughts can have a powerful positive or negative effect on health and well-being.

In The Seven Levels of Healing program, the "Nature of Mind" explores these issues in great detail. It is designed to give individuals a direct, personal experience of how conscious and unconscious thoughts and beliefs affect every aspect of our lives -- including our physical well-being. The Program then gives participants the tools they need to use their own mental processes to move forward in whatever direction they wish to go.

The Nature of Mind also address another important aspect of the power of thought that is of particular relevance to cancer patients. The mind attaches meaning to virtually everything it focuses upon, and the meaning cancer patients give to their illness can dramatically affect their ability to assess, choose, and interpret treatment options, side effects, and response (or lack of response) to care. Inaccurate assumptions about cancer and cancer treatment may burden the unconscious mind. And someone who believes that "this challenge will make me a stronger, better person" may react quite differently to treatment than a someone who is secretly convinced that they are being "punished" for something in their past.

Many people are comfortable with the meaning they attach to their situation, but others may find themselves chronically unhappy or unable to change a recognizably negative pattern in their lives. Often some deeply held conviction or belief stops them from moving forward. In Level 5 of The Seven Levels of Healing program we work, safely and gently, to help individuals uncover their own beliefs, determine if they are helpful or useful at this time in their lives, and show them options which may add strength to their own internal process of healing. Our goal is to help our clients discover conscious choices and possibilities they may never have imagined were possible before.

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind."
             -William James


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