"Thank you for sharing your vision of care for humans … for the whole person and for both patients and health care professionals. It is a great gift."
       - Jan Locher, Social Work Specialist, Univ. of Iowa Healthcare, Iowa City, IA

"What a breathtaking and life-giving presentation!"

       - Lisa Geiger, Edmonds, WA

"So many caregivers need to hear Dr. Geffen speak. He gets it -- the whole person needs to be treated. I hope his message gets into the medical schools -- teaching our future doctors how to deal with their emotions and how to help patients heal from the inside as well as the outside. It is so refreshing and rejuvenating that there is a Dr. Geffen."
       - Donna Pryor, Nurse Manager Oncology, Farmington, CT

"Superb speaker. Profound message.”

       - Gail Lucas, Hagatna, Guam

"Dr. Geffen's work is the needed salve on the wound created by a fragmented view of illness and healing. I have never experienced a medical doctor who is able to hold the holistic view that Dr Geffen provides. He provides the model of integration in healing, weaving together the wisdoms that exist on many levels of our human existence."
       - Diane Renz, MA, Psychotherapist, Boulder, CO

"Dr. Geffen is one of the most moving speakers I have ever heard. Not only do his Seven Levels of Healing apply to those who are sick, they provide a road map for each of us in our daily life. Thank you so very much.”

        - Karen McFadden, McMinnville, OR

"It’s difficult to express in writing what I walked away with. I feel enlightened, nurtured, fulfilled and loved. I hope I am able to transfer this to my patients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
       - Lesta Perkins, RN, Cedar Rapids, IA

"Wonderful!  Empowering!  Your words are so ingrained in your own soul that they flow directly to ours.  Thank you!"

      - Carol Lundin, Portland, OR

"I have never been more moved, emotionally and mentally. This truly helped me to clarify a lot of ideas about my life and gave me direction. Your incredible way with words moved me to tears so many times throughout these past two days. Great job. Thank you so much for a new lease on life."
       - Sarah Johnson, Cedar Rapids, IA

"Dr. Geffen is an incredible speaker. He speaks with great compassion and simplicity. This is the direction medical treatment has to go to get to the next level. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us. It was info packed and easily digestible.”

       - Brent Krizo, Belgrade, ME

"Phenomenal!  Thank you so much for your insight into true healing. For me it was transformational. You are a masterful speaker.”

        - Gabrielle Forieo,  La Costa, CA

"I cannot tell you how much you have helped me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
       - Janet Kislan, Northampton, MA

"I am truly taken by how inspiring and affirming everything I heard, saw, and felt today was. Thank you for this gift!"
       - Bryna Pauker, LCSW, New Haven, CT

"Wow, on all levels! Thank you for your light, wisdom and healing.”

       - Edna Espanol, Oakland, CA

"Thank you so much, Dr. Geffen.  It was amazing to me to hear a doctor speak so clearly about meditation and diet.  As a psychotherapist, I am so impressed."

       - Chenyce Gutzmer, LCSW, Santa Cruz, CA

"Dr. Geffen's Seven Levels of Healing powerfully addresses body, mind, heart, and spirit in a way that is clear, focused, and effective. The program follows a holistic and integrative approach; it allows modern medicine to sit within a circle of healing therapies to fully support individuals facing the challenging diagnosis of cancer."
       - Susan Hess, MA, LPC, Denver, CO

"Dr. Geffen gave a fantastic presentation! The Seven Levels were subconsciously in my mind and I’m so glad to have them spelled out more clearly. As I plant my large garden -- choosing the flowers to make a beautiful landscape -- I am breathing differently, filling my lungs with the wonderful feeling of renewed strength and love."
       - Ardath H. Rodale, Allentown, PA

"Dr. Geffen thank you so very, very much. You touched the very core of my cancer journey, and have given me a different perspective and insight into this journey.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

       - Karen Flores, Everett, WA

"Incredibly inspiring. Your approach is what I’ve been looking for decades. Fantastic presenter. The personal stories made it all so real.”

        - Susie Laraine, Eureka, CA

"This is a physician with a lot of heart. The depth and richness of his journey permeates every word. Any person or patient would be blessed to be in his presence for any amount of time.”

        - Rev. Dr. Joanna Carmichael, Newton Square, PA

"Transformational and evocative … He dares you to go more fully into yourself. Thank you for helping me get in touch with myself."
       - Donna Viner, Wolcott, MA

"Excellent presentation. Excellent material. Wonderful presence. Hope they didn’t break the mold when they made Dr. Geffen. We need more people -- doctors -- who stand in this light. You need to get yourself on Oprah!! I’ll see what I can do."

      - Sherri Nicholas, Rahway, NJ

"You have amazing presence and wisdom that comes through in the way you speak and teach. I enjoyed your clarity and humor and especially your compassion with those of us who are dealing with cancer. Thanks!"

       – Susan Skjei, Longmont, CO

"Dr. Jeremy Geffen's Seven Levels of Healing is a great resource for body, mind, and spirit. His delivery of the material reveals a caring and responsible professional intent on healing the entire person, not just curing the disease. If this is the direction for modern medicine, then all I can say is hooray and it is about time." 
       - Rosemarie Seabrook, New York, NY

"You directly touched my heart. The love you radiate is almost overwhelming. Who you are speaks directly to my soul and has raised my awareness.”

       - Dominique Dufour, DC, Quebec City, QC, Canada

"Thank you for having the boldness to recognize and promote the spiritual side of healing."
       - Patricia McKinley, Alburtis, PA

"I only wish every oncologist shared the same philosophy!  As a survivor of cancer, I totally support his method of treating the whole patient.  Thank you!"

       - Janet Jelley, Everett, WA

"I appreciate the amalgamation of “Eastern” thought and “Western” medical technology. My prayer is that schools of medicine will incorporate Dr. Geffen’s methodology into their curriculum. I intend to learn from The Seven Levels of Healing.”

       - Evelyn Smith, Mesa, AZ

"My spirit was healed as a result of this experience. What more can I say?"
       - Karyn Berlin, Iowa City, IA

"Wonderful work—Thank you. This was an opportunity for me to feel enriched and receive a wonderful map for personal consideration and also for my work with clients.”  

        - Eleni Levidi, Boulder, CO

"His presentation was a skillful blend of the physical and spiritual nature of healing. Great connection with the audience."
        - Mark Lichty, E. Stroudsburg, PA

"I am profoundly grateful to you … for the gift of healing … and the unique blessings we have had the pleasure to receive. Your care and professionalism include, first and foremost, the exquisite combination of comprehensive, sophisticated medical care, within the bedrock of spiritual and psychological wisdom."
       - Joan DiGregorio, PhD, Plantation, FL

"I have never heard a physician talk like this.  It was phenomenal!"

       - Michele Floogle, Seattle, WA

"Dr. Geffen provides us with fundamental plans for living life to the fullest.”

       - Rabbi Shira Stern, Morganville, NJ

"It was so refreshing to hear and see someone who has a heart as big as yours.  Please keep up the good work."

       - Sheila Willis, Tacoma, WA

"I wish to thank you for your amazing work. The retreat was a fantastic experience for me.  I learned so much and made important connections that warm and sustain me."
       - María Fernández, Lafayette, CO

"Dr. Geffen is a captivating and inspiring speaker. I could feel his heart.”

        - Lora Solomon, Charlotte, NC

"Dr. Geffen eloquently and effectively communicates The Seven Levels of Healing. His use of examples and his position not only as a doctor, but also as a family member, places him not at a podium but at a seat at our table during his presentation."
       - Jim Curran, Wescosville, PA

"The workshop was extremely well thought out and presented. It fulfilled my hopes for the weekend and was an enriching gift.  Dr. Geffen was a laser in his ability to communicate, teach and listen.”

        – Patricia Silverman, Dallas, TX

"Dr. Geffen offers an experience of being truly human and alive at every step of the life process, including the dying process, the health process and the loving process. He is an ambassador of love and life."
       - Dareth Goettemoeller, Columbia, MO

"Thank you for giving your heart and mind this morning, for moving between the realms of doing and being, and for your love and wisdom.  Thank you!  Grazie mille!  Merci beaucoup!  Dankeshon!  Namaste."

       - Kari Boeskov, Seattle, WA

"Dr. Geffen is a marvelous speaker with many wonderful heartwarming, educational, and enlightening life stories.”

      - Mary Glesigie, Nashville, TN

"To sit in your presence as you deliver your message is to sit in light and hope."

       - Judy Duncan, Port Townsend, WA

"Dr. Geffen showed me how to find my inner self and come to peace with inner trials. He gave us all of him while he was here and helped me heal an inner part of myself. Thank you so much!"
       - Rebecca Weber, Cedar Rapids, IA

"When the Seven Levels of Healing are practiced in totality, then patients, family and friends can experience the true integrity of the holistic and integrative approach to medicine."
       - Laura Scott, Denver, CO 

"Thank you Dr. Geffen for taking this step to share your knowledge so sincerely. It was very inspiring to move through deeper layers of myself in a compassionate and caring way -- definitely worthwhile and presented in a wonderful manner. Thank you so much!"
       - Teri Gehrke-Nowak, Cedar Rapids, IA

"Right on!  Dr. Geffen spoke of the things I have experienced as true. He gave me lots to think about and ways to express what I have felt and not always had words for. Thank you!"

       - Carol Ouellette, Lynden, WA

"A magnificent evening with a compassionate, remarkable man. God bless! Many thanks for a wonderful evening.”

        - Juan Millspayl, Bernardsville, NJ

"Thank you for honoring our whole being! My two journeys through cancer have launched my search for guidance, not only during treatment and subsequent transplant, but for the rest of my life. Thank you for coming today! This workshop introduced myself to the 'real' me, discovering the deep strength and faith I have."
       - Michelena Smith, Bangor, PA

"Well done … with great love and joy. I feel complete and could only want the opportunity to be in such a group again. Thank you for your work.”

       – Jo Mednick, Lakewood, CO

"Thank you for addressing all the dimensions of this extraordinary journey we call 'Life.'  Your personal demeanor adds to the elegance of your message.  Thank you.  Thank you for honoring the roll of teacher as a doctor’s most profound contribution!"

       - Mags Quilici, Seattle, WA

"Our two-day retreat was a transforming experience showing us how to discover the depths of ourselves and each other."
       - Lanette Faaborg, Cedar Rapids, IA

"You gently guided me to a very intimate space that I am adept at avoiding and helped me find more peaceful places in my heart and mind, long after the retreat was over. The experience with you was fantastic. I am most grateful."
       - Ann Pendley, Fort Collins, CO

"Terrific! Dynamite!”

       - Leo Chmil, Bridgewater, NJ

"Thank you so much for your talk.  As a nurse with personal experience with people who have cancer, and also from my own personal journey, I relate to your view of healing the total person on all levels.  Your presentation is validation for how I want to practice as a nurse and also to be as a functioning human being in service to life."

       - Martha Skiff RN, Eugene, OR

"Thank you! You moved me more than I can say.”

       - Tim Burke, Glenview, IL

"I have been to different retreats but this one was very meaningful because it allowed me to reveal myself to co-workers! I feel very strongly that I can use these tools in my life and at work! Thank you."
       - Laurie Plante, Urbana, IA

"Dr. Geffen is an excellent and inspirational speaker.  His ability to articulate feelings and experiences I’ve had while going through treatment for ovarian cancer were more accurate, heartfelt, and helpful than any other health care provider I have encountered.  He truly embodies both love and wisdom!!  He really ‘gets it’!"

      - Patrice Goplerud, Seattle, WA


"As an oncology nurse I attended the workshop to gain skills to assist my patients. As a person I came away with so much more. I was able to open some old wounds and begin to heal. I will use The Seven Levels of Healing both personally and professionally and am so grateful to Dr. Geffen."
       - Mary Burgunder, RN, Pittsburgh, PA

"I believe our clinic has had the dream of incorporating not only the relative, but also the ultimate purpose of medicine into our care. I am so grateful that … you were able to come and help clarify our vision. May you be blessed as you continue your journey and fulfill your purpose."
       - Sylvia Anspach, IBACC Administrator, Cedar Rapids, IA

"Dr. Geffen reaches into the deepest recesses of the soul to inspire healing and courage as one travels the journey of life."

      - Gary Ford, Auburn, WA


"I was amazed and inspired by Dr. Geffen’s passion, compassion, and depth of understanding of the true nature of healing. He communicated with love, humor and authenticity. I feel he truly connected with everyone in the room and generously gave of his mind, heart and spirit in every way. I will not forget his example!”

      - Shannon Mahoney, San Clemente, CA


"Excellent presentation. As a former administrator for Dr. James W. Mackenzie, Chairman of the Department at Robert Ward Johnson medical school of New Brunswick, I can fully appreciate your background and values. I am a 9-year breast cancer survivor and always worked with patients (25 years). This helped me deal with my diagnosis. Your skill as a speaker is greatly appreciated. You keep your audience at ease and attentive. Keep up the excellent work."
       - Donna Lee Cresine, Albrightsville, PA

"Your presentation was a very moving, emotional experience for my wife and me.  Your words and the ideas you have offered to us are very helpful.”

        - Bill Fennelly, Piscataway, NJ

"I loved the workshop! I felt much joy being in this atmosphere. Excellent and very relevant context, right amount of detail for this format and very skillful, kind facilitation.”

        – Chris Trani, Arvada, CO

"The Seven Levels of Healing lovingly and compassionately enables caregivers to not only treat a disease but a patient. To develop treatments and resources [which address] all aspects of patients to provide complete care … not only cure a disease (if that’s possible) but heal the patient and find love in everyone. These were great days that really reinforced our current beliefs and practice at our clinic."
       - Jackie Martin, Cedar Rapids, IA

"Thank you for your inspiring talk.  I am both a health care provider and a person living with cancer.  I realize that my spirit and soul have been neglected!  I now know how I must change for my spirit and body to heal."

- Connie Hansen, CNM, PhD, Lakewood, WA

"The Seven Levels of Healing is very comprehensive seminar, with a great experiential component and leading edge material.  It is the new paradigm in medicine in action and a bridge towards what is possible.  Thank you for truly making a difference in this world.”  

      - Penny Lloyd, Green Mountain Falls, CO

"This has inspired me to look deeper into the “being” of my work in life and with patients, loving myself and others without judgment. I’m grateful!"
       - Carol Petschow, Center Point, IA

"Your seven steps are realistic and your approach is vital for quality of life with any life-threatening illness.”

       - Judy Barbatoe, Pasadena, CA

"Your stories are extremely powerful and your message is universally applicable. Thank you.”

       - Glenn Ullmann, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"As a cancer survivor, The Seven Levels of Healing really touched every aspect of what goes through a patient's mind -- you can feel reassured that you are not alone. It is remarkable to have a physician who not only cares about the physical aspects of patient care, but about the emotional aspects as well."
       - Michelle Halenar, Lehighton, PA

"Dr. Geffen’s passion is clearly felt throughout his presentation. As a four-time breast cancer survivor, I felt like he was speaking directly to me, that he genuinely cared about me and my health as a total person. He gave me dignity. I wish I had an oncologist that embraced me as a patient in the same way. I look forward to reading your book!"

       - Linda Filippi, Bothell, WA

"Great human being! Depth of understanding, hope and faith, a perspective unmeasured. Wish he could be my doctor."
       - Irene A. Genther, Nesquehoning, PA

"Dr. Geffen not only spoke clearly, but exemplified his message by his demeanor and attitude. It was truly an integrative presentation -- very human, humane, and spiritual."

       - Greg Speltz, Seattle, WA

"I enjoyed the insight from Dr. Geffen. It is very easy to get caught up in the terrible web of cancer. His talk and book helped me."
       - Ted J. Smith, Bangor, PA

"You gave me hope for healing with cancer and hope that I might find peace. I have been confused and lost, wondering if I am doing enough to help my self. This gives me a place to start and more clarity on what I can do. Thank you."

       - Diance Uchara, Everett, WA

"Awesome—Awesome—Awesome!!!!  I was not prepared for such a profound experience.  Your presentation was superb! I feel privileged to have heard you speak.”

       - Debra Cisneros, Carlsbad, CA

"From the beginning, I felt encouraged, safe, supported and challenged. The information and organization was excellent. I am going back to my life and journey with a renewed sense of hope and possibility. I will definitely recommend Dr. Geffen’s program to many others.”  

       - Nan McConnaughey, Lakewood, CO

"I was diagnosed with bladder cancer on Jan 30, 2006, and at that time I literally “saw my life go before my eyes.” Fortunately, I am a psychologist by training and I know the importance of the mind-body connection, so I set out on a path of self-therapy. Hearing your presentation this morning was a very touching and inspiring experience for me. I felt as if we were having a conversation in my living room. Thank you for helping me as I begin my journey through cancer. May you continue to always do this important work. Bless you."
       - Patricia Budd, Easton, PA

"Dr Geffen speaks beautifully. I learned a lot.”

       - Leigh Freeman, Hillsborough, NJ

"I thought the program was excellent. Dr. Geffen is an intriguing and wonderful speaker who was really able to touch the heart. His Seven Levels of Healing is applicable to all healing—emotionally, physically and spiritually. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.”

       - Vicki Gerberich, Westminster, CO

"If I go home with nothing else, Dr. Geffen has given us hope that we can endure this journey we have started.  Thank you for your inspirational message of hope and compassion!!"

       - Bunny Lefare, Bremerton, WA

"Within The Seven Levels of Healing you reflected all the emotions I felt through two years of esophageal cancer and four brain lesions -- still going strong. I will deeply work with your 'life map' and I appreciate the positives! Thanks!"
       - James S. Oster, Allentown, PA

"Very refreshing to meet a doctor that has gotten over the dogmatic education and knows that a person is more than his/her disease. If I can get cancer, I would definitely want him for my doctor.”

      - Michael Barone, Arvada, CO

"The hallmark of Dr. Geffen is meticulous, state-of-the-art conventional cancer medicine, administered with an extraordinary level of kindness, sensitivity, and love. Furthermore, this remarkable care is seamlessly integrated with a broad array of complementary therapies which address the needs and concerns of the body, mind, heart, and spirit of patients and their family members -- in a truly unique, comprehensive, coherent, and inspiring way."
      - Edward Gallagher, Vero Beach, FL

"I have tried to talk with many doctors (I have cancer). But I have never heard from a more compassionate, understanding doctor in my life. He is absolutely awesome.”

      - Rick Dore, Glendale, AZ

"I enjoyed Dr. Geffen’s presentation, and I understood his feelings regarding his father’s first dismal oncologist. I unfortunately can relate to his experience because my first experience with an oncologist when I learned my diagnosis was handled in the same 'doom and gloom' manner. It is admirable that Dr. Geffen decided to be the compassionate oncologist he and his father were seeking."
       - Sherri Carlos, Allentown, PA

"It is rare to have a man know how to speak equally from his heart and his mind. It is even more rare for a man to speak with mind and heart as one.  And more rare still, is when this man is an oncologist physician.  We are most blessed with his being on the planet at this time."

       - Sandy Sela-Smith, PhD, Clearwater, FL

"I read Dr. Geffen’s article in advance of this conference. It gave meaning to all I thought and felt. The Seven Levels of Healing are now the foundation of my plan going forward."
       - Heather Rodale, Allentown, PA

"Thank you for a very inspirational talk.  I wish you could be cloned so that everyone who wished to could have you for their doctor and mentor."

       - Beth Lorber-Bonyon, Port Townsend, WA

"I felt that Dr. Geffen was walking beside me on my journey through cancer."
       - Helen Wigman, Pennsburg, PA

"Thank you for being out there pioneering and moving us all forward to a better quality of life.”

       – Nancy Stek, Brick, NJ

"What a blessing!  So practical and ‘can do.’  Empowering!  I’ll share this with so many people, and will definitely use it in my therapy practice.  Thank you for your heart of compassion and the willingness to be a pioneer in the blossoming garden of integrative medicine."

       - Melissa Layer, Port Townsend, WA

"I strongly believe this approach can be a great benefit to all."
       - Christine Metzler, Allentown, PA

"Dr. Geffen is inspirational, well educated and informative. You are wonderful."
       - Terrie Gasper, King of Prussia, PA

“Thank you!  I wondered who the bridge-builders would be between allopathy and spirit.  Now I know.”

       - Sue Cooper, Seattle, WA

"Live. Love. Laugh. It is quite evident that Dr. Geffen is very passionate about his chosen field. His 'Seven Levels of Healing' can be easily applied to anyone’s life. I truly am grateful that I attended his seminar.  I walked away with the desire to laugh and love but more importantly to live my life to its fullest.”

        - Gregory Johnson, Pasadena, CA

"Dr. Geffen definitely made an impact. You are a dedicated doctor, caring and listening to the person."
       - Pat Drewry, Easton, PA

"I thought this workshop was very good, very healing. What a great program."
       - Jennifer Showman, Cedar Rapids, IA

"Wonderful presentation! I have come to understand and believe in your Seven Levels of Healing. They can be applied to any adversity that life deals you."
       - Deborah Shrestha, Nazareth, PA


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