Letters from Dr. Geffen's former Patients

June 17, 2002

Dear Dr. Geffen:

I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am to have had you and your staff treat my wife Nancy at your facility.

Your employees, and I mean each and every one of them, have touched our lives in a way that we will never forget. They are kind, compassionate, caring and professional. At the same time they are also smiling, laughing and making the visit as joyful as possible for the patient.

Although the treatment was not something she looked forward to, your employees made it much more pleasant. She never left the facility without receiving a hug.

We spoke with two other oncologists before we came to see you. When we met the first time, you told Nancy that you would not let her get sick during and after the chemotherapy treatments. You were the only one to say that, and you lived up to your word. She did not have any severe effects that kept her from going to work or on vacation. We are so pleased with the way the treatment went, and if anyone that we know needs an oncologist, we will certainly refer them to you and your staff.

Thank you, and your wonderful employees, for helping Nancy work her way through cancer with kindness and compassion. So many people have touched our lives, and the Geffen Cancer Center is included in that group.


Bill Reichert
Vero Beach, FL


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