Letters from Dr. Geffen's former Patients

December 29, 2001

Dear Dr. Geffen,

Thank you for allowing me to visit your center last week. I truly enjoyed the tour that Shirley gave me. You have a beautiful facility and your staff made me feel very welcome.

I was so pleased to see the center that I read about in your book and to learn more about how your seven level program is offered. I am glad to know that the model of cancer care I consider "ideal" exists and works successfully in a conventional setting.

As I mentioned in our meeting, I am very impressed with your Vision Statement because of its seemingly audacious declaration of your intention to "provide the highest quality health care available anywhere in the world." This statement reminds me of the advice Leland Kaiser gave a group of health care professionals at the "Compassionate Medicine" conference in Danvers, Massachusetts in October 2000. He said that in today's global economy health care organizations should not limit the scope of their intention. "Why say you want to offer 'very good'or 'excellent' care and why limit it to your immediate area?" he said. "Why not strive to be the best in the world? Because if you are, people will come." He went on to ask us whether we would seek the best healthcare in the world, regardless of the cost, if our life were at risk. His challenge to us was thought provoking and inspiring. It is inspiring to me to see your bold vision in action.


Dina Crawford
Chester, NH


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