Letters from Dr. Geffen's former Patients

January 3, 2002

Dear Dr. Geffen and the Geffen Cancer Center Team:

It was such a pleasure visiting with you last week. I was extremely impressed with your cutting edge approach to comprehensive cancer care and your commitment to total patient well being.

As you know, I have visited many other cancer centers and find that you are well on the road to providing the state of the art care that I am committed to proliferating throughout the field. I observed several "best practices" at your facility and look forward to learning more so I can be of more value to those just embarking on this exciting road.

In this day and age of Medicare cutbacks and insurance uncertainty, your balanced, integrative approach will position your practice for a very lucrative and successful future. The future of the cancer care is "comprehensive" in nature. I constantly research cutting edge facilities that are implementing this comprehensive approach, and the name Geffen shows up time and time again. However, your facility is unique in that most centers that offer an integrative approach to cancer care have mainly been large academic institutions. The time is right for this type of cancer approach to become part and parcel of the smaller, community centers. As you well know, you and your facility are trailblazers.

Keep up the good work.


David A. Shapiro, President
The Integrative Advantage
Atlanta, GA


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