Letters from Dr. Geffen's former Patients

March 15, 2002

Dear Dr. Geffen:

I am writing to share my observations, as with each visit I have experienced customer care as never experienced before; my wife is one of your patients.

I worked for 34 years for a large pharmaceutical company as a sales manager, therefore visiting thousands of physician offices and personnel. During mywhole life, I have never witnessed or experienced such an outpouring of personal attention, compassion, and concern for patients. I was very much impressed by these demonstrations of love given to each and every patient that entered your office.

On our first visit, we were greeted with a smile and made to feel welcome. It amazed me that corporately, your entire staff was so attentive to each and every patient. Your staff was very cordial, and their body languages along with facial expressions were very transparent and caring. Your patients responded very positively as each was asked how they were feeling and how they could be assisted.

There is no doubt that kindness and these expressions of personal concern will enhance the healing of the whole person, psychologically, spiritually and medically. If studies were conducted on the effects of medical personnel interaction with each patient then from my observations, I would concludethat the healing process enhances the patient's response to treatment. This benefits both the patient and the doctor.

I have never observed this degree of interaction between medical staff and patients.

You and your staff are to be applauded and praised for treating the whole patient. My wife and I thank you very much.

Yours truly,

Laurent P. Marchand
Ft. Pierce, FL


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