Letters from Dr. Geffen's former Patients

March 12, 2002

Dear Dr. Geffen,

I really enjoyed meeting you last week and getting the complete tour of your Cancer Center and Foundation. The visit to your Cancer Center and meeting the wonderful group of people that help you was truly inspiring. I can see how patients would feel better and more comfortable when they come to your facility given the caring atmosphere and obvious teamwork displayed by your staff. It is amazing to me that you have accomplished that much in a few years. Next time Dan and I are there, I would love to look at more of the letters you received. I am also enjoying your book! It is inspiring and I will encourage my sister to read it since she has been an Oncology nurse and usually cares for terminally ill patients.

Thank you again for giving us the completed guided tour and for introducing us to your group! It was a very inspiring day for me since I do not often get a chance to see the patients that we are developing tests for. I hope to return to visit again soon.

Best Regards,

Elizabeth Somers
Director, Business Development
Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc.
Malverne, PA


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