Testimonials from physicians

"Dr Geffen eloquently expresses what I have intuitively known after thirty years of practicing oncology. I wish I had heard this message in medical school."

              - Cary Gota, MD, Medical Director, The Cancer Institute at Good Samaritan    

                Hospital, Los Angeles, CA

"As a physician I was deeply moved to a new understanding of my purpose, my practice and my life. Your offering of an intuitive process made manifest through The Seven Levels of Healing shifted something deep within me. I thank you."

              - Jeffery Black, MD, Gainesville, GA

"The beauty and power of your message gets greater each time I see you.† Thank you for leading our profession where we must go to become of true service to life."

              - John Rieke, MD, Medical Director, Multicare Cancer Center, Tacoma, WA

"I am a oncologist and have been searching for the best way to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of my patients. I recognize that medicine alone didn’t heal them. I have found some cancer survivors who—by changing their life style and using all of The Seven levels of Healing that you describe— have healed."

              - Mercedes Brenneisen, MD, Los Angeles, CA

“As a physician, I have been inspired by this profound talk. It will impact my medical practice and my relationship with my patients.”

              - Aldo Berti, MD, Miami, FL




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